Norway - UAE Ocean Seminar

Published: 08/02/2019 Updated: 08/20/2019
Christian Testman, chairman of NOSCA - the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association, will be key note speaker at Protecting our Ocean,  an ocean conference between Norway and UAE to be held in Dubai, UAE on 17. September at Dubai Marina.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway in partnership with DNV GL, Kongsberg Maritime, KSAT, NOSCA, Ocean Visuals and Storm GEO have the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar in Dubai exploring thE opportunities for Ocean Surveillance and Data Sharing.

About the seminar:
Norway and the UAE are sharing long traditions of ocean dependencies. Both countries have developed their proud fishing and sailing legacy into leading maritime or port nations. Both nations have benefited from the vast resources on and under the sea including oil and gas and fisheries.

While our dependency on the oceans will increase over the next decades, the oceans are facing massive threats of resource depletion and pollution - challenges that can only be met with global cooperative measures based on collection, sharing and processing of information and developing technologies and strategies for safeguarding the oceans for our and future generations.

Norway and the UAE are in the lead to highlight the importance of knowledge as the basis of our actions and policies to ensure protection of our oceans, responsible management of marine resources and sustainable future economic growth. The World Ocean Summit 2019 was held in Abu Dhabi in March, while Oslo will host ‘Our Ocean’ Conference in Oslo in October.

The seminar will focus on two main topics: surveillance and data collection from the oceans and sharing and utilizing these data for joint benefits. The presenters and panel lists will discuss recent technologies for ocean surveillance including satellite, drones, vessels and sensors.

This seminar is organized by Innovation Norway and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with DNV GL, Kongsberg Maritime,KSAT, Ocean Visuals and Storm GEO and is endorsed by UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.