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Ocean Visuals AS is a Norwegian company started as a joint venture between Industries Holding and LDI Innovation.

We provide patented HLIF LiDAR technology-based real-time sensor systems built on 25 years of research and development, ideal for early warning of oil spills and monitoring the ocean composition in great detail.

SEAborne applications

SEA OWL™ sensor systems for real-time detection, verification and classification of oil and organics in water.

AIRborne applications

ELF OWL™ A cost-efficient tool for oil slick verification, classification and cleanup measurement of oil spills.


AIR OWL™ Advanced and powerful sensor systems for installation in airborne surveillance planes.

SUBSEA applications

DEEP OWL™ Complete sub-sea solution consisting of oil detector and oil spill management software.

customer & USE caseS


Find out more about how the largest port in Northern Europe use the SEA OWL™ sensor system for Port Surveillance and Control.


Port Surveillance & Monitoring


Read about our pilot partner Hurtigruten, who enable our system to perform real-time coastal monitoring along the Norwegian coastline.


Environmental Monitoring


Learn more about the ELF OWL™, a small yet powerful sensor dedicated remotely piloted drones and light aircrafts.


Airborne sensor systems

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Our HLIF LiDAR technology is based on 25 years of research and is patented