About Ocean Visuals

Welcome to Ocean Visuals

Ocean Visuals AS is a Norwegian company providing sensor systems for early detection of oil and organics in water.

Ocean Visuals provide you with our unique OWL™ LiDAR sensor systems for real-time detection and classification of oil and organics like algae in the sea. Our aim is to give you real-time data gathering with our best-in-class photonics sensory and contextualize the data from the air, on the surface and subsea to extract insights.

Ocean Visuals deliver Oil-in-Water Locator, OWL™ sensor systems for real-time detection, verification and classification of oil-in-water. Our suite of OWL™ sensors are capable of detecting hydrocarbon molecules down to part-per-million level, ppm. From the air and above the water surface, AIR OWL™, ELF OWL™ and SEA OWL™ sensors are capable of detecting oil molecules 3 meter down into the water column. 

OWL™ sensors use Hyper-spectral Laser-Induced Fluorescence LiDAR lasers to excite the hydrocarbon molecules that creates a unique spectrum for that particular measurement sample. The sample can then be matched against a library of known oil type spectral samples, enabling real-time classification of that particular oil type sample. OWL™ sensors operate in the invisible spectrum of ultra-violet light and operating them is eye-safe.

Ocean Visuals has patented the technology with United States Patent # US 10041882 granted 7. August 2018 and European patent pending, application # EP14809287.7.